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The Cosmic Watch is an interactive 3D tool. You can use it as a realtime worldclock, time travel machine, an astrolab, an antikythera mechanism, an orrey, an armillary sphere, or an astral-chart generator. 

The unique thing about the clock face is it's ecliptic view around the planet. The complex mechanism of telling time is at the touch of your hands with the Cosmic Watch App.




Nr. 1 Orientation:

In this tutorial you will learn how to align your Cosmic Watch with the cardinal points and be able to find and indentify celestisal objects in the sky.

Nr. 2 Sky motion:

In this tutorial you will learn the basics of the daily apparent motion of the sky from the northern and the southern hemisphere.

Nr. 3 World clock:

In this tutorial you will learn how to set up your personal worldclock with the Cosmic Watch. Search your favorite locations and save them. It was never so fun to know the time in the world!


Watch the tutorial video or download the PDF document to learn about the usage and handling


  • Realtime World Clock
  • Celestial Navigation
  • Astral Chart
  • Time Travel
  • Digital Orrery
  • Solar Eclipse Detector

Would you like to become a partner of this new cosmic time device?

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„Every living being is an engine geared to the wheelwork of the universe. Though seemingly affected only by its immediate surrounding, the sphere of external influence extends to infinite distance.“
– Nikola Tesla


The astronomical study of measuring time has been pursued for thousands of years by all major cultures. To know the seasons was of crucial importance for being able to plant and harvest crops in the right moment. Ancient cultures were able to understand the motion of the celestial bodies moving across the night sky and the earth revolving orbiting around the sun in one year, even the complex motion of the moon was decoded making it possible to predict eclipses already in the years BC. The motion of planets remained a mystery for hundreds of years until the heliocentric view made it possible to understand gravity and to calculate the orbits of the wandering stars. This fascinated us. So we began to dig deeper, with an old question in mind:
What is time?

The beauty of our earth within the infinite rhythm of the cosmos is our inspiration. We have designed a simple way to remember this beauty and learn about it in real-time while moving on in our daily lives. Rewind time while you watch the celestial bodies move to the time and place of your birth. Fast forward to predict the next eclipse of the sun. Relax and relate to the present – moment by moment.


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